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Do I have to wear a face mask in the hotel?
Yes, the new regulation makes it compulsory to wear a mask inside the hotel in all public areas.

Do you still accompany us to the room at check-in?
Due to corona distancing rules, we do not accompany our guests to the rooms at the moment. If you wish to be accompanied by the staff, please let us know.

What happens with my reservation if I cancel?
We will do everything possible to make sure that we take care of you if you can’t make use of your reservation and do our best to find a solution for you but would also recommend that you put in place travel insurance for possible Covid infection or quarantine.

Can I still pay in cash?
Yes, you can, nevertheless we would prefer contactless or card payments whenever possible for our and your safety.


Will housekeeping clean my room during my stay?
Yes, we offer a daily room cleaning service. The team members wearing gloves and face masks.

Will staff into my room when I’m present?
No, our staff will never come into your room in order to ensure your personal safety.


Do I have to wear a mask in the spa?
Yes. Masks are mandatory in the entrance area and the relaxation area. No masks are required in the sauna and steam bath. Please observe the safety distance and the maximum number of people all the time!

Restaurant & Bar

When am I allowed to remove the mask?
Masks are not required as soon as you sit at the table or in a lounge in the lobby

Can we still have dinner in the restaurant?
We have a very spacious restaurant and can ensure that every table complies with the minimum distance. We recommend to reserve a table in advance!


The detailed protection concept is available for you on request.
Thanks for your cooperation!

We wish you a very pleasant stay at the Hotel Huldi